Company history - Establishment and growth

The factory was established, October the 5th 1883 under the name - Müller which is supported by the original license issued by the district department in Sluknov.

This act introduced the program for production of galvanized steel strips (nickel-coated). Later on the range of product was extended by zinc-coated, copper-coated and brass-coated steel strips. In the 30s´ the rolling mill was installed for production of cold rolled strip steel with the option of heat treatment.

In the 40s´ and after the Second World War the line of product continuously changed according to the needs of the military industry. Later on their production was converted mainly for usage in light industry. Since 2003 are company´s owners people from its management which directly manage company

Železárny Velký Šenov Železárny Velký Šenov Železárny Velký Šenov Železárny Velký Šenov