Company Policy

Company Policy

  1. We want to be stable and constantly growing middle-size company.
  2. We want to built and to keep long-term, open and trustworthy relationships with our business even non-business partners in order to be trade mark ZVS a guarantee of good name and reliability of the company
  3. We want to build our competitiveness on our flexibility, reliability and quality.
  4. Our intention is to have as wide customers portfolio as possible from as wide end -users spectrum as possible and aiming to meet with special customers´ technical requirements
  5. We want to aim to such sectors, where the needs of our products is growing up (electrification, post-war reconstructions of Ukraine, etc.)
  6. We will be taking steps to reduce CO2 emission to comply with the legislation. Our effort is to minimize such activities which negatively affect the nature, we will be constantly reducing those activities having negative impact on environment, but at the same time we want to remain enough-competetive producer of green steel oriented products.
  7. We will continue to aplly the EMS system and policy to protect the environment in all areas of our activities. We will permanetly train our employees about the environment protection necessity and we will motivate all of the to keep the environment discipline.
  8. We want to realize a strategic intent of investment to new cutting line. We want to fulfill with still increasing requirements for dimensional accurancy thanks this investment same as we want to address new markets.
  9. We want to built stable environment for our employees established on open relationships and we will take care about their professional development and education.
    We want to develop human potencial with regular training and we want to maximally optimalized all company processes with focus on efficiency growth in all area of our activity – we prefer principals of efficient management and processes.
  10. We will monitor world´s development to be well prepared to adequately react with on-time applying of extraordinary measures
    • The main business orientation for following years still stays on two pillars/production programmes which are: production of cold rolled and metal coated steel strips then cut to final dimension
    • Slitting and traverse winding (oscillating) the steel strip

The company management is committed, in order to fulfill these intentions, to realized following actions:

Provide with necessary financial, personal and information sources including ensuring a proper infrastucture and working conditions.

To compliance with legal requirements and other generally binding regulations.

To fulfill the invironmental lesilation requirements including REACH regulation and actively work on environment protection due reducing of energy consumption, waste quantity and recycling of raw and other materials

To apply legislative requirement for safety and healt protection at work and supervise their proper compliance.

To enforce this company policy into thinking of all employees, including strengthening of own awareness of each ones responsibility for quality.
The acceptance of this policy with all employees and people working for the company (or on its behalf) is a guaranteed way for achievement of its good name, what is the main prerequisite to ensure longterm prosperity and all interested parties satisfaction.