Non coated

Non coated

Product's conditions:

Because our company needs high quality of cold rolled steel strip for own process of metal coating by galvanical process, we supply non-coated steel strip with higher level of surface finish starting from bright surface up to polished surface for next galvanizing.

End use:

automotive industry, Electronics, Construction industry, consumer industry, furniture manufacturing

on coated and cold rolled steel strip


Width: 4-300 mm
Thickness: 0,10 – 2,00 mm
Steel grades acc. to EN - DC01, DC03, DC04

Surface finishes:

N = non-polished surface (EN10139-MA-RL)
L = bright surface (EN10139-MB-RL)

Coils size can be up to 1,2 kg/mm or up to 2,9 kg/mm of the width.